Sunday, March 21, 2010

Updates Finally!

Well, it's been quite busy of late, so here are some updates.

The web presentation for "The Captain's Table" is up and you can find it here.

I took this with me down to California for Nova Albion. Quite a few people got the chance to see it and we've heard some great comments about it. We are all very pleased with it considering it is very much a "version 1" which we'll be tweaking in the future. Guy and Mike did a great job on getting this put together.

The web serial is now in production, we shot the first footage for it yesterday with Teapot doing a fantastic job in the role of Professor Wayneright. If you're interested in knowing more about the web serial, you can look us up on Facebook under Steam punk productions.

San Francisco, actually Emeryville to be specific, was a load of fun, got to socialize with our two Sarah's down there. Sarah Roark, who is one of the Seattle Steamrats who transplanted down to Irvine, Ca. and Sarah Dungan who is in the Bay area proper. Sarah Dungan runs Industrial Fairytale ( and is a wonderful illustrator. As of now, she is Rise of Aester's stake in the ground in San Francisco. Sarah Roark is a writer who has done work for White Wolf and is the writer of the Rise of Aester web comic "Children of the Reclaiming" that is in production and will hopefully post its first page in the next month. She is looking into finding like minded folks in southern California for Steampunk and Rise of Aester stuff.

The Rise of Aester history for California is being firmed up with Sarah Dungan taking a lead in some of that history.

I got the chance to see the folks from Botta Secreta do their Bartitsu demonstration at Nova Albion. It was a great demo overall. Later that evening, I got a chance to sit and converse with some of the folks over drinks. It was nice to talk to others who share and interest in Bartitsu and talking with Tom Badillo was really a pleasure. I also got the chance to talk about historical saber with Maestro Sullins. Apparently, the level of sword geekery that ensued was sufficient to send some of the ladies present into near comas. It was a really great experience. I would recommend Botta Secreta to anyone in the Bay area who has an interest in Bartitsu or other historical combat forms.

Development on the first edition book continues with my primary concentration right now on the history of British America. We want there to be loads of context for people to work with and that starts with the history. We are hoping to have the first edition book out by the end of the year.

The local group here in Seattle is getting ready for a showcase event at the Northwest Regional Event for the Camarilla. We are waiting on final information from the convention, but as it stands we are already in plot development and building on set pieces for the informal game that will be there. The idea is to have something going on that people can get involved in at whatever level they are comfortable with which allows them an intro into the world, characters they can interact with and a bit of story to play with.

Eric Pope, Kate Arsenault, Jordan Blake and Matt Evans are heading this up and have really taken the ball and run with it. We will post more information up on the website as we have it available.

Well, that's it for now.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Captain's Table FINALLY up!

After fighting with the dot net nuke interface, the Captain's Table is finally, actually up for download. We still have not figured out why it's pitching a fit about the music files, but I'll take what I can get right now.