Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More web comic stuff!

Just got done emailing with Tony and Sarah and the web comic is going swimmingly. We discussed some new content information that will feed into the overall City of Light feel in the future.

Some quick headers on stuff that was discussed that will be coming out in more detail later on.

Lightkeepers are officers of the Cities of Light who draw a salary and can be recognized by the sun symbol badge on their hats with their license number engraved on it.

Rat Catchers are a group of independent contractors who work in the Cities of Light by hunting vermin for particular bounties and individual for-pay contracts. They are highly individualized without uniform or standard issue equipment. Individual Rat Catchers can be identified by personalized and the unique configurations of their equipment.

The farms outside the Cities of Light are enormous greenhouses that grow most of the staple foods required for the cities. Vermin within are controlled by specially bred and trained raptors, and insect are controlled by songbirds and bats. Intensive training to curb the natural instincts of the raptors allows they and the songbirds to operate in the same environment. Training can only go so far and some songbirds do become additions to the raptors diets.

Ravens are the most common bird species seen in and around the Cities of Light.

Snippets and stuff!


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