Saturday, October 31, 2009

Forums and things!

Some days it just doesn't seem you can stay out of trouble. Somehow, in a fit of end user brainlock, I managed to dump the entirety of the Forum module into the recycle bin. How this occurred is still a bit of a mystery as the folks that rescued said forums from the gnashing teeth of the recycle bin were at a loss to figure out how I managed to do it without realizing what I was doing.

Needless to say, there was a wee bit of embarrassment that accompanied my merry delving into end-user idiocy. However, the forums have been rescued and are now safely at home on the website with a nice cup of cocoa and a blankey.

Due to further investigation by those who are wonderful with our forums, IE, not myself, we now have the avatar functionality worked out. So, feel free to put up your APPROPRIATE photo or image. Remember, that as intelligent and upstanding web citizens you will, of course, not put up offensive or pornographic material as that will result in the "Das Interwebs" equivalent of jack-booted thugs dragging you into the alley for summary pummeling.

I am looking forward to getting the DIY part of the website up so that we can put up visual instructions for building and making things.

We are presently getting the Outpost structure worked out so that all those who are in a myriad of far flung locations can set up their own games and local organizations. More to follow on that.

Now that I have completed my rampage through the website with little or no idea of what I was apparently doing, we are now concentrating on getting the Captain's Table content put up for folks so that you can see about running this episode yourselves as well as the complete Triptych Fast Play rules set so that you can run games of your own. We intend for these rules to be complete enough for you to be able to run games until we finalize the full rule set.

So, until I find a different way to torment, torture or burn down the website, I will bid you all good eve.

Marshal - Tormentor of Forums

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