Thursday, June 25, 2009

AEROPLEX ! Sketches from Jordan!

I, like everyone else have been waiting until I could put some of this stuff up for people to see. I've only just seen these myself and may I say, AWESOME! These will also be posted in a larger form on the website and in the gallery.

This is one of the initial sketches that Jordan did to kind of rough out some of the overall visual ideas for the St. Louis Aeroplex.

This is a more detailed study of the lower half of the Aeroplex including some adjacent buildings for scale

This is one of the first overall sketches the was worked with between Jordan, myself and some of the other artists and associates of the project at our Monday night Steampunk meetup in Seattle.

<= Note the airship landing configuration sketching. We were trying to fight out how large airships would dock to the upper airpark of the structure.

This sketch incorporates many of the earlier concepts and idea as well as one of the newest ideas for dealing with the large airships that would dock at the Aeroplex.

Simply awesome stuff!


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