Monday, June 22, 2009

Where we are now

So, the last few months have been busy, well more accurately, insane. This insanity has bred some truly extraordinary ideas for the Rise of Æster world.

I've been writing like a madman trying to flesh out the world and give people a good feel for what we are doing and creating.

We rolled out initially at Norwescon here in Seattle, made an appearance at Maker Faire and are targeting Gencon and Dragon Con and will have our first full up game at Steamcon.

All of this is has been happening amidst development of the world, the game, and the artist community.

Maker Faire clearly pointed out that the artist community that I am wanting to create as part of the Rise of Æster is not only possible but will be a vibrant and dynamic part of the creation of the world, community and the game.

Right now we are getting spooled up to run our first Beta Test games. We have the first draft of rules in process and will be rolling those out to the test groups within the month. We intend to have these rules available at Steamcon so that people can go home and begin running games for themselves.

So, there is a tremendous amount in work at this point that is going to be very exciting.

I've finally decided that the only way to keep people abreast of what we are doing is through having a central blog so that folks can keep up with me and the larger group, so here we are. I hope this blog will give people some insight into the madness that is creating something like this.

So, I'll be putting up thoughts, ideas, concepts of where we are going and what we are doing. So, here we go.


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